Telling Black Stories Through the Eyes and Mouths of Black Artists.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to have the platform to create opportunities for Black artists. From actors, directors, writers, and other areas of production, 1939 Studios will tell stories that authentically show the Black experience in today's society.

Ethel Waters

How We Got Our Name 

Our name is inspired by the late and great Ethel Waters who was the very first Black person to host her own show, in a leading role. The show was titled "The Ethel Waters Show," it was featured on the channel network "NBC," and it aired on June 14, 1939. This pivotal moment in history is very important to us because it paved the way for Black artists and Black film to be represented on national television. Our CEO was so inspired by Ms. Waters, that she decided to name the company after the year that the show was aired. 

Ethel Waters

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