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Down Arrow

We Have An  
Short Film!

*Award Winning*

Film Reels

Our Films Strive To

Represent Our Culture Authentically 

Often times, Black people in film are misrepresented and given false narratives.

​We will change that. 

Create Opportunities for Black Artists

In the industry, there is a lack of
appreciation ​for Black art. 

​We will fix that. 

Empower The Culture

Black people are not often shown
​thriving in their element. 

​We will show that. 

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meet our ceo

Shalom Omo-Osagie


Born June 20th, 1998 and raised in Baltimore, MD, since I was two years old I was always a performer. Whether it was in church, school, or during Christmas with all of my family members snapping photos. It was not until my first musical, Annie in 2008 , that I realized that I wanted to be an Academy Award-winning actress. I started my training at Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts where I was in the Theatre Magnet program and trained in theatre and dance. Then, I went on to college and received my Bachelor's degree in Theatre at Bowie State University. Summer of 2018 I was asked, "What is your purpose?" I thought I knew the answer, "To become an award-winning actress." But then I realized that it was simply a goal. I wanted more in life than to just win a bunch of awards. I want to leave a legacy. So if you asked me now, "What is your purpose?" I would say: 


To spread joy around the world, share my gifts with the next generation, and create art that makes people feel something.

 booking & services 

 Please email us for booking/service inquiries. Prices will vary. 

 We Offer: 


Short Film Productions

Youtube Videos (Editing + Shooting)

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